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I'm a teacher by training, and an FND expert by necessity. Diagnosed in 2020... I've endured 3 years of hellish functional neurological disorder symptoms that I would not wish on my worst enemy!


I was dismayed to realize that doctors did not understand conversion disorder enough to cure me. Rather it felt like they gave me a few useful tools and expected me to pick myself up by my bootstraps and heal myself with willpower. Since FND impacts your ability to think and your energy levels, I literally did not have enough in the tank to learn how to fix myself.


On top of that I had to endure viscous verbal and emotional abuse, two cross country moves, homelessness, and four miscarriages.


You can read more details of my story in this blog post.


After feeling like I'd looked evil in the face and made it run, all while enduring a life altering disability, my parents and a good friend drove across the country and scooped me up in a literal rescue mission. 

Once in a safe space my mother gave me the safety and care to recover, and my father did the health research that I was unable to do for myself. Once I got a bit better, I did some digging into my own medical records and came away with some disturbing information.

Together we have been able to formulate a pathway for fnd recovery. As I write this, it is about one year from the time they brought me home. And I am worlds better. I imagine it will take another year to be back to my old self, but I am seeing glimpses. My mom has joined FND support groups and shared that there are so many people reaching out for help. And I am doing extremely well compared to most.

And I miss teaching. I was on the cusp of finishing my masters degree in education when I was diagnosed with fnd. Teaching is in my blood.

So I've opened this site to share a path to recovery and what the research actually says, as well as my own experience. I hope it helps someone!


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