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FND Treatment

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

fnd treatment what neurologists really think of functional symptoms
Alissa was diagnosed with FND Functional Neurological Disorder in 2020

Do doctors actually understand FND Treatment?

In my FND journey, I felt like the medical attitude was kind of like "fingers crossed you can heal yourself by pulling yourself up by your bootstraps." They did offer a speedy diagnosis, medication, and cognitive behavioral therapy. But having completed all that, I was still suffering immeasurably and far from well. When I asked for more help, they offered to put me back through CBT.


Let me tell you what, that is NOT how to cure someone from FND functional neurological disorder. Here's Why

Can FND patients treat themselves?

There is a huge and glaring problem with expecting FND patients to provide their own FND treatment. And it's this. Extreme fatigue and impaired cognitive ability are often part of the disease. In CBT sessions, I was taught a set of skills. And they were helpful. But the problem is that I did not have the energy to perform CBT on my own very much at all. I'm a teacher by training with a graduate level education. I love to learn. But it was like having a crushed leg and being handed a knife and some pins and an ace bandage and being left alone to heal yourself. It sucked.

Can you make steps toward improvement? Yes you can, but they are tiny. And it takes a long long time.


What neurologists really think of functional symptoms

Doctors explain FND like a "software" malfunction when the "hardware" is normal. Although I think newer research may be pointing to physical damage. After looking at my own MRI data (after healing enough to be able to think a bit) and discovering brain damage that either was glossed over or not told to me... I have a strong gut feeling that there IS actual structural injury at play. I have more to back up this feeling, but I will have to write that down another day.

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