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Welcome to Facing FND! - Life with Functional Neurological Disorder

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Is functional neurological disorder fake?

If you are here, chances are you are facing FND yourself, or you love someone who is. And you may wonder if functional neurological disorder is real. The answer is YES absolutely YES FND IS REAL!

FND functional neurological disorder
Alissa was diagnosed with FND functional neurological disorder in 2020


What makes you an authority on functional neurological disorder (FND)?

A Teacher Explains

Hi new friends! My name is Mrs. Alissa Black, and I was diagnosed with FND in September of 2020 at age 29.

It came with a host of debilitating life altering symptoms, and it forced me to quit teaching on the brink of earning my masters degree in education.

I had also created and operated a couple of businesses, taught piano, and built an academy music program for grades K-12 from scratch.

My now husband and I had single handedly moved him cross country. All this to say, my plate was full... too full. I am an over achiever. I'm smart. I'm honest. And I like to be busy.

functional neurological disorder fnd
research based approach to functional neurological disorder told through the lens of an FND patient

What are some of the symptoms of functional neurological disorder?


This sickness turned me into a shell of a person, not only diminishing my physical capability but also dimming my cognitive ability and verbal skills.

My FND symptoms included...

  • inability to hold up my own head

  • head falling forward or backward with no control over it

  • inability to walk

  • constant and repeated falling down

  • would stand up and fall right back down

  • To cross a room I would sometimes resort to lying on my belly and dragging myself across the floor with my arms

  • legs giving out with no control over it

  • tremors, especially in my right forearm and hand

  • pseudo seizures

  • stuttering

  • slurred speech

  • impaired cognitive ability

  • inability to form words

  • inability to form long sentences

  • regression to speaking two word sentences like a toddler

  • trouble even forming a sentence in my brain

  • impaired processing

  • screaming at the top of my lungs because the stress response in my body was so intense (more on that later)

  • extreme noise sensitivity

  • sensory overload

  • multiple symptoms at once

And what is hardest for caregivers to understand is that these symptoms come clustered in "episodes" (more on that later), and episodes are triggered by stressors that can change from day to day. It makes them wonder if FND is real. I can assure you it is 100% real! And I would not wish it on my worst enemy.


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