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POEM - The Answer

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

to the question- If God is good, why do bad things happen to good people?

I wrote this on one of my "good" days. If you are here, you probably also have FND or know someone who does. This is a good reminder to myself on my "bad" days. - Alissa

The beauty in a raindrop

The brilliance of the starts

The singing of the birds

The life that we call ours

I've never been more thankful

For nature full of life

The love my father shows me

In spite of sin and strife.


Though some may question how we know

Creation is the truth...

that God himself saw us with love

And nature made to use

I look at the complexity

That just goes on for miles

Study layer into layer

Ecosystems small and large

To microscopic marvels

It's plain as day to comprehend

The intellect that made this

Does far surpass the human mind

And frankly it's a genius!!!

Look at how you're made dear friend

The proof is in your body

With all the knowledge known to man

We can't explain its mysteries

I got sick but now I'm well

Doctors didn't cure me

They couldn't understand the body

My creator gave me

And here among the flowers

As I listen to the birds

And I feel a gentle breeze caress

My face with tender strength

I know the one who made the sun

The moon and all the planets

And every good and perfect gift

He gives us through his love

Creation sings in joyful praise

And I will join the chorus

For if we aren't responsible

To worship he who made us

Even rocks will sing his praise

We're his because he made us


Even as it's time to go

I look over to the forest

And just before the woodsy floor

A robin chirps to greet us

Every thing both small and large

Is delicately mastered

Each body part in one accord

Each system works together

When doctors say there is no way

For man has yet to gather

Full understanding of the brain

And other body parts

Complexity it's plain to see

Is our creators mark

Proving once again my friend

His intellect is large

We're all responsible to Him

Creator owns creation

This is why we worship Him

And follow His commandments

If natures order made by God

Our place you see is clear

The first commandment love they God

The second love your neighbor

..................PART 2

The church is like a body

Each working one small part

It isn't till eternity you see from end to start

How God was working all along

And how you made your mark

And if the seeds you planted

Ever lit a spark

And made a difference in a life

Forever changed by light


Some people question if God's good

Because they see the sin

We're fighting principalities

And evil born within

God made us in His image

Including some characteristics

Like creativity and love

And... that relationships fulfill us

Love isn't love without free will

It must be offered, not required

And our creator just like us

Relationships desired

That's why He made man in his image

Instead of lesser beings

I think He wanted people's love...

To choose him out of freeness

He made the right way plain to see

From the world's beginning

And made the chance to sin so small

... ONE tree in ALL creation

And made the way to love so BIG

It's bigger than a nation

This is where the story takes a turn

And people get confused

Lucifer in heaven was the minister of music

Most beautiful of all the angels

He must have been a leader

For when he waged his war with God

1/3 of the angels went with him

How could goodness tolerate

Such evil, pain, and hate

Free will can choose to love someone

Or hate them with its freeness

God is love. He must be just.

When angels chose rebellion

They fell from heaven in disgrace

Becoming Satan and his demons

Who hatched a plan to punish God

By hurting all his humans.

And tempting them each day to sin

And trying to seduce them.


He only wants to break God's heart

And ruin all who meet him

That is why we see today

The consequence of sin

Abuse, rage, malice, hate

Paid for by innocent victims

It isn't God promoting sin

It's free humans that choose it

The consequences known to all

Don compromise His reign

Goodness fights for justice

And God is just the same

He can't allow sin into heaven

Our rebellion brings Him pain

Yet he loves us more than life

And wants to us retain

That is why He intervened

And offered His forgiveness

At the cost of His only son

He paved the way to save us

Though innocent and wise

Jesus sacrificed His life

To pay the price for sinful choices

Made by you and I

With justice served, it's up to us

With free will to choose our fate

We can choose to get salvation

And live eternally in heaven

Or we can reject God's help

And send ourselves to hell

Regardless of the choice you make

God operates from love

He did all He possibly can

To keep us in His family

Adopting us as daughters and sons

With inheritance awaiting

And giving us the power of love

And authority over Satan

Resist the devil and he will flee

God's the ultimate protection

I believe I've proved my point

That God in fact is good

But even if He wasn't good

We're His because He made us

The answer to your question friend

Is actually pretty simple

If God's goo then why do bad things

Happen to such good people?


It's evil fed by human choice

And spread by satan's lies

That causes consequences in the world

Paid for by innocent victims

Other people's choices

Affect us to this day

And YOUR influence good or bad

Will someday do the same

Because God made us in His image

And He is a creative

We are also creative beings

And we ourselves create things

We co-create the future

We choose how our world will look

Though Scripture tell the ending

It's creation that's creating

Like empty pages in a book

Our stories still need writing

Over your life and mine

God and the devil are fighting

You decide your fate

And influence those you meet

To either write with love

Or with bitterness and hate

There's a reason bitterness is called a root

So dig it out

Or it will spread throughout your world

Diseasing those you love

When you understand the war within

Really isn't about people

We don't fight against flesh and blood

But we fight against evil

Instead of powerless you feel empowered

Because you read Ephesians 6

And you know the battles spiritual

And you have the weapons to win


The reason evil prospers is because it hides the truth

And deceives you into thinking

There's nothing you can do

And that the battles physical and not in your control

When the battle's really spiritual

And you have the power to win

Put on God's full armor

And overcome evil with good

Creation comes full circles

Empowered with God's love

It's clearly God who made us

And in God we trust.

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